Upbra Review

Friday, December 29, 2017
upbra review

Hey Fashionistas,

I can’t believe this year is almost over. Where did it go? Well, New Years is still upon us. We are spending New Years in Arizona which you might already know if you read my last blog post and Christmas we spent in Los Angeles with my husband’s family.

I haven’t quite figured out what to wear for New Years but one thing I know for sure. I will be wearing my new bra from Upbra. This t-shirt bra fits amazing.

I decided to go with a white one since I usually wear light colored shirts and blouses. There is nothing that I dislike more than seeing a black bra under a white shirt. The fit is great and the main purpose of these particular bras is it to enhance your cleavage. On the bottom of the bra, you can adjust the push effect of the cup which results in an enhancement. I love how natural it looks!

These bras are available for around $70 in a few colors. I also picked up the strapless bra since I have a lot of dresses and shirts that are off the shoulder. Bras and swimwear are definitely worth investing in. A cheap bra most likely won’t survive more than 3 washes before it completely loses its shape. When it comes to bras I never look at the price - the feel, the enhancement, and the comfort are way more important to me.

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