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Tuesday, October 31, 2017
blue sunglasses

Hey Fashionistas,

What is a blogger’s favorite accessory? A designer bag? Close but the answer is sunglasses. Next time when you're out and about watch those bloggers and you realized they all wear sunglasses. Maybe because they always look amazing on flatlays ( a bunch of products lined up on a table), or because they will give every outfit this sparkly it-factor. I am not sure which one it is exactly but I won’t leave the house without my pair anymore.

Another advantage sunglasses provide for us (women) we can hide our no makeup sleepy eyes behind those big dark glasses. I found myself in this position before (rarely) but it happens - but I usually live by the motto wakeup makeup. In this case, I just use sunnies to look like a boss babe!

Let me tell you a bit more about my sunglasses. I was recently gifted with this pair of blue sunglasses from Flower. Some of you might have heard of this brand before in case you haven't it's Drew Barrymore's fashion line. The glasses are super sophisticated looking the quality is amazing and the price unbelievable. My pair only cost $40!

I love the shape and the color of my new glasses. Today, I paired them with a simple casual jeans look but those glasses would also look great with a dress.

In my opinion, a good pair of sunglasses can instantly elevate your outfit. I would call it the magic of sunglasses because they instantly give you it factor and sophistication. Not only because I'm a blogger but also because I live in sunny LA, sunglasses are definitely a must-have accessory.

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