How to elevate your summer look

Friday, July 14, 2017
how to elevate an outfit

Hey Fashionists,

We survived the heat wave that was sweating up LA for the past two weeks. By the way, you definitely know when it’s hot when your cat is sleeping in the shower. We even went to the beach to realize it was freaking hot there too but temperatures are back to being normal.

As you know I am not a friend of cold weather and I prefer hot weather anytime. So let the sunshine out!

In today's blog post I will show you one of my favorite summer combos - crop top and shorts. I know I did not reinvent the wheel but with a few touches, you can elevate every look.

Although my pieces are basic if you take a closer look you will see the details. So instead of wearing a plain white crop top, look for one with lace details, patches or embroidery. I got this cute lace top from Forever 21.

I also option in for high waisted shorts. They look better and way more stylish than regular shorts. When you choose shorts you can go for a crazy color, destroyed shorts or patches. For this particular look, I decided to wear black destroyed high waisted shorts. You can take a look here how printed shorts can elevate a look.  

In order to take your look to the second level, you gotta wear some sort of jacket. During summer I option in for kimonos or very thin cardigans. I love this kimono although the fringes get stuck on everything and with everything I mean plants, chairs, even in the car! This kimono is not just plain again you will find some great details in the form of roses.

When wearing a summery look you have to wear sandals, mules, or slippers. I optioned in for some rustic looking slippers from Kelsi Dagger. Again those slippers are not just plain brown they have leather stitching on them.

Last but not least I am wearing my little butterfly clutch from Gresso. At first glance, this looks like a black clutch but if you take a closer look you will find beautiful butterflies. This clutch looks small but it actually fits my keys, phone, and a lipstick. Let's be real, who needs more?

Overall, it is not about buying extravagant pieces, it is about details. If you pay more attention to the fabric, print, and making of each piece you will automatically elevate your look and become more stylish!

Thanks for stopping by!

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