Giorgio Armani Lip Magnet Review

Saturday, December 17, 2016
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Hey Fashionistas,

It is the era of lipsticks, especially liquid lipsticks. With a wide variety of lipsticks to choose from it is hard to always make the right choice. If you are looking for a liquid lipstick it is even harder. Most of us are looking for lipsticks that are highly pigmented, have a silky texture, long-lasting and simply pretty. Guess what I may have found the perfect match - Giorgio Armani Lip Magnets.

I will start by saying that those lipsticks do not include any magnetic technology whatsoever. Instead, according to the company, the Lip Magnet makes use of the same technology that the Maestro Fusion Makeup does, allowing semi-matte base to stay on. So how does that work? The fast-evaporating oils touch-down on the skin, leaving behind pigments. The idea of these liquid lipstick is that the Lip Magnet is supposed to feel light and non-chalky on your lips. I am here to test that.

I received two colors of the Lip Magnet. Influenster was so kind to send the goodies to me. I received color 400 and color 505 complimentary, but all opinions are your own. First off the packaging looks sleek and the size of these liquid lipsticks are perfect for every purse.

After I tried the Lip Magnet for the very first time I was pretty impressed by how smooth the application is. The applicator is pointier and flatter so you have great control when applying the lip color. No need for an extra lip liner brush!

The color payoff is crazy. I love how vibrant the color is on my lips! Once the color dried you can forget about it. The Giorgio Armani Lip Magnet is almost like a lip stain. The brand promise 8 hours of wear and I can totally agree. The formula is thin and weightless so I didn’t even feel it on my lips unlike other liquid lipsticks which become heavy and start to flake.

If you are looking for a stocking stuffer or a new lipstick check out the Giorgio Armani Lip Magnets. The colors are amazing, the feel is comfortable and they last all day. Not to mention the application is fool-proof. The Lip Magnets retails for about $38 at Sephora.

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