10 Favorite Fall / Winter boots under $100

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Hey Fashionistas,

Today I’m sharing my top 10 fall / winter boot picks. Starting from the top left.

Wedge Boots (1,6,7)
Wedge boots are my favorites. They will make you taller while being comfortable. Especially when it gets snowy outside you don’t want to walk in your heels and risk the chance of sliding. Wedges are much safer and you will look cute in them. Wedge boots will come with lace or zipper, suede or glossy leather.

Target picks (2,10)

I recently went to Target and of course I went home with two new pairs of shoes. I’m a faux fur lover and this boot fits perfectly into the winter scenery. This boots is super comfortable and easy to wear. You won’t make a mistake by buying this boot. The other boot is a simple black ankle boot. What I love most about this shoe is the heel. The heel is a bit thicker so you will be safe and you can walk hours with thisboot.

Suede ankle boot (3)
I like wearing a classic simple black boot. A woman can never go wrong with this type of shoe. You can find these boots almost everywhere. I bought mine at H&M last year. I prefer wearing them with tights or a really skinny jean.

Military boot (4)
I bought those Steve Madden boots about 3 years ago and they don’t go out of style because it is an easy to wear silhouette and an overall nice flat boot.

Leopard boots (5) 
What would a wardrobe look like without a decent pair of leopard boots? Not as interesting that’s for sure  I am a fan of animal print when used right. Leopard print always adds a little bit of fun to your everyday outfit. If you don’t want to make the commitment to a printed boot, you will also find boots with animal print details.  

Minnetonka fringe boots (8)
I love my Minnetonka fringeboots. Fringe and suede is absolutely trendy right now so you don’t want to miss out. Those boots have an Native American vibe and they are easy to combine while still being an eye catcher.  Leather is also really robust so you can’t go wrong with a nice leatherboot.

The Chelsea boot (9)
Chelsea boots are super chic and a classic must have for fall. I prefer Chelsea rain boots because in this season there is a lot of rain and mud. Rain boot material is really forgiving and easy to take care of – just rinse and they will shine again.


  1. Great selection! Love the brown Target boots with faux fur. Awesome choice.

  2. Great pieces, love the leopard print ones xoxox