Simple and Classy

Saturday, June 13, 2015

Blouse: Primark || Jeans: Similar one H&M || Watch: Fossil || Lipstick: Covergirl Fireball || Statement Necklace: H&M || Purse: similar one Ralph Lauren || Shoes: Steve Madden

Hey Fashionistas,

This outfit is an all-rounder. You can wear this ensemble to school, to work (if you don’t have a dress code), on a date or just like me on a regular day.

This outfit looks sophisticated, stylish yet simple. The best thing about this outfit is that it’s affordable. You don’t need to have an expensive wardrobe in order to look chic. There is a difference between seasonal items and classic pieces. Seasonal items are clothes made for a specific trend, which come and go. In this case shop smart and go to H&M, Forever 21, Zara etc. for your seasonal items and spend a little more on Classic items like purses or shoes. Invest a little bit more because they won’t go out of style and an expensive purse / shoes automatically upgrade your outfit.  

I have a Ralph Lauren purse that might sound expensive but can now be found at discounted prices. Splurge a little on your purse and shoes they can make you look more sophisticated while saving money on the rest of the outfit.

Where I save most of my money is on my blouse and jeans. I decided to wear my skinny destroyed jeans that I recently bought from H&M and a blue blouse. Lately, I’m in the mood of wearing destroyed jeans just because they make your pants a little bit more interesting and it gives it more dimension. 

The V-neck blouse in royal blue adds a romantic touch to my outfit because it’s light and flows in the wind and I think the color blue works really well for blondes. Since it’s a V-neck cut a statement necklace works well to put the focus on your décolleté. I decided to wear my gold leaf necklace because it connects with the flower heels. 

Floral heels are perfect this time a year. They are bright and fun while adding a splash of color to any outfit. 

Fashion lovers don’t forget you don’t have to spend to look expensive. Having a classic item can make you look more chic while actually saving on the cost of the rest of the outfit. Find colors that match your personality so you can add a touch of you in each outfit. Don’t be afraid to stand out. You are what you present so present yourself in the best way possible.

See you soon,


  1. nice pics!! I like your shoes!!

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